Common Question

1、Failed to Connect

Please ensure your cellular network or WiFi works smoothly. If not, try to switch WiFi, 4G or 3G before connect again. Which server’s stability & speed being the most suitable for your cellphone is decided by different network operators; you can switch different servers and find the most appropriate one to connect; Or try to restart your WiFi, and then connect the VPN again If failed to connect occasionally, maybe it is because of delaying network, please try to connect again.

2、Slow Net Work

It may be because so many people connect the same servers; you can disconnect current one and connect other servers. The recommended broadband in your home is 2M or more, otherwise the speed may not be ideal for you.

3、About Free Trial Subscription

Each account can enjoy the free trial subscription for only once During free trial period, payment will be not charged. Once the free trial is over, payment will be charged to iTunes Account automatically without any notice. . If the free trial subscription is cancelled during free trial period, your payment will be not charged, and you can still enjoy it for free until the free trial period is over Once the free trial period is over, payment will be charged automatically without any notice.

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